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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArcadia
SpeciesVariable Multicellular Lifeform
GenderVariable (Male, Fema
HeightVariable (1' - 200')

Outward Appearance

ClothingAs this being is a metamorph, it cannot use clothing. It chooses not to make any of its own, either.
WeaponryThis being abhors using artificial weaponry of any kind, though is not susceptible to any particular kind of weapon more than any other. It has an unusual propensity for magic, however.
Outstanding FeaturesThis being is capable of replicating any physical features based off genetic information it has absorbed. Otherwise, it takes on the form of a pale off-white ball.

Personality & Background

Additional InfoThis being can replicate any ability it has absorbed. Intrinsic abilities include magical ability to hunt and pursue prey for absorption and self-restricted free genetic manipulation. Based on whatever it has absorbed, it can change size, shape, gender, and many other characteristics at will.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"What matters is that you now have doubts. As long as you do not stop your thought process, the world will change."

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