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i fight four gia tell death

Vital Statistics!

Character Nameshadopaw
Speciesgarou( werewolf)
Height6'8"( 6 foot 8 inches)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Coloura shadowey greyis browen
Hair Colourbrowen usually tied back in a long poney taile.
Eye Colourgrey one eye is robotic is colour blinde in the reale eye so has lots of head aches and the outher sees colour
Clothingblue jeanes withe nee pades a Tshert and a black lether jacket.withe a bullet proouf kevlar vest. ang fingerless gloves
Accessoriesa sliver wolf ring a browen lether coller and somtimes a red bandanea.
Weaponrybesides natural weapons two heavily modufide .50mm desert eagles. and a ancient silver long sworde and he knows one battel spell but he dount use it ofen in less he is in need it is hight level spell but he cant control all the power is in that spell so it almost allways knocks him out after whords. hes more speritriel then magick.

Personality & Background

Personalitypassive untell pisst off but whine backt up aginst a wall look out he will kill whith out mercy.and all most all ways is tnkering with his guns or his eye. his freands are his famley so he will kill ther enemeys with out a secend thought
Backgroundcitey home but ran away from his humen home a lot now is a seaner in highschool has no has no ties to humanety
Likesart,rock muzak/ weapons.freands likes to bauther humeans jackdanules brand rum
Dislikeshumans/siblinges cowards! the colour pinck the goverment of the U.S.A
Locationsantoneo texas 78216

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotecome and get me if you can mates

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