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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShimizu
SpeciesEmerald Tree Boa Anthro
HeightIt changes. >.=.>
WeightSame as above...
SummaryLooking either up, or down at you is a snake. Although, commonly mistaken as a 'naga' or something, that is when there is some speices mixed in with the snake. But, this one isn't. The snake looking at you almost looks like an Emerald Tree Boa, green scales... all of that stuff. Although, he has lizard look a-like torso, along with shoulders, arms and a neck. His eyes are wide and unblinking, as snakes don't have eyelids. His snout probably has his tongue flickering out at you, trying to get a scent... or something. However, he is not always a snake. He has multiple forms, ranging from fur'd things, to reptilians and insects even. If you want a discription for those, you'll probably have to ask him for them. He doesn't use them to 'twink' or whatever, he uses them for whatever mood he is feeling. Slowly, he can gain forms over time. Either by people giving him them as gifts, forced transformations, or simply 'gaining' one. (Although, all in all seriously... This is the internet. I don't need an excuse why he can do it.)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis scales are a emerald green colour, with white stripes that go down his back slowly.
Eye ColourGrey.
ClothingSometimes a shirt, but most the time it's neevverrr.
AccessoriesSometimes a MP3 player, or some cooking items... Probably burned.
WeaponryMy body. X3
Outstanding FeaturesNo legs. You may be able to see something I ate. X3 Kidding. Anyways... I'm Emerald green in color with a random white zigzagging stripes going down my bank, I have a smooth, yellow underside.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI unno, I'd probably screw up talking how I'm like about myself... Wait...
LikesAll baked goods. repairing/fixing stuff Any music if it has a good beat.
DislikesMaking people sad/angry. Even if it was a total mistake. Anything you use to cook. I don't know, but I swear they are out to get me! My art skills. Being sick with something, cold or whatever. Rude people. Trolls. People who hate others just because they are gay, or furry, or black or white or whatever.
Additional InfoAnother random fact about him is that he considers himself a male, even though he is a herm. The female parts are verrry hidden.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteNerp! o.=.o