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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKairon Jones

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark grey from head to toe.
Hair ColourShoulder length and black
Eye ColourDark Red
ClothingWears a pair of custom black boots. A pair of black jeans with black leather straps along the legs. A silver colored chain around his waist as a belt with another chain around his right leg. He wears aswell a black t-shirt he keeps tucked in that has a pair of straps over his chest in an x shape. Also wears a long trench coat over the shirt. Has a long brimmed black hat atop his head with two holes in it for his ears.
AccessoriesA black collar with silver colored spike studs around it. A Chrome Flute aswell a small wristlet chain that has a plate that has an inscription on the metal plate attached to it. He now has around the top of his hat a bandana with steel plate that has the face of a wolf etched into it
Weaponrytwo Masamune at each side, One names Kaiten the other Zakirru, both of them have a hidden dagger blade in their scabbard. He also carries with him various throwing weapons which incude shurikens, Knives, kunai, poison needles and sleep needles. Also carries a large Combat whip. He also has a hidden weapon. Has recently acquired A Katana called Yamato. It has certan Demonic powers aswell as an abnormally sharp blade even for one of his.
Outstanding FeaturesHis abilities of Speed, agility and strength he also has powers over certin elements his body build is muscular and toned like most werewolves are.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is unnarutally kind for his species nature, though he can be quite serious aswell.
BackgroundHe has been a werewolf for as long as he can remember. He was not bitten, being born a werewolf so as much that he has no human form. He began liveing life quite well born into a rich family, both his parents werewolves. At times he would question his parents why they could turn into humans and he couldn't. It took them a while but they eventually explained and he went on, though he was rich. He refused to have life handed to him and eventually moved out. After that he found a teacher and began learning how to forge weaponry for 2 years, with music lessons on the side aswell. After doing so he moved to a new town again and built his own forge, when he had a sufficient supply of certain weapons some of them even fused with an inate ability of magic he has. He opened his shop to the public and became an instant success, he lives now in Vargent city. He has Recently been in solitude learning a new style of fighting and a new skill.
LikesFriends, Sparring, Fighting and food
LocationVargent city in the upper story of his Weapons shop
OccupationOwner of the Wolves bane Weapon shop. Recently has become a ninjutsu master
Additional InfoHe has innate Magical abiituies some would consider demonic power, though it is natural power most of his kind has. He has control over various elements. As mentioned before he has extraordinary speed, agility, and strength. Also along with the weapons he makes he also makes enhancement add-ons such as wristlets, bracers and such. He alos pilots a small airship that is Dark Blue with a red strip running down the sides.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuotePeace is but a shadow of death desperate to forget it's painful past, Though we hope for promising years. After shedding a thousand tears. Yesterdays sorrows constantly nears. And while the full moon still shines blue, by dawn it will turn a scarlet hue.