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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRigu "Kitty" Ryu
SpeciesTabby Cat
Weight110 lbs
SummaryHer name is Kitty, but I got the "duplicate character exists" notice. So that's my way around it.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange, with darker orange stripes.
Hair ColourLong and green always pulled back with a floppy pink bow.
Eye ColourGreen, same as her hair.
ClothingA pink T-shirt and blue jeans.
AccessoriesShe wears glasses, and sometimes wears a large ring on a small chain around her neck. She is also fond of earrings and chokers.
WeaponryShe's a pacifist by nature, but will use her claws and teeth if forced.
Outstanding FeaturesThere is a dark orange stripe under each eye, on the tip and across the middle of each ear, and on the tip of her tail.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKitty's cute and naive, but is also rather intellectual. She's one of those bubbly people that can be perky at 7 AM. On a Saturday. She's very loyal and can always be relied on to keep a secret or to be a shoulder to cry on. Usually a pacifist, she's not opposed to giving someone a whack on the head.
BackgroundKitty just showed up one day. I had susupected there was a cat roaming around in my mind, I just never expected her to be so... perky. She seemed more kitty-ish than cat-ish, hence, her name.
LikesHugging people, chocolate, playing with hair/shiny things/ribbons, reading, caffeine, and just overall goofing off.
DislikesStupid people, onions, veggies in general, heights, perverts, and girls who run around half-naked.
LocationArkansas... get me out!
OccupationShe's a student... in high school. Unfortunately.
Additional InfoKitty's not interested in dating, but her creator is currently involved with a college student in another state.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI'll keep rollin' while bullets fly, 'cause all my shootings be drivebys. - MC Hawking

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