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Vital Statistics!

Character NameProfessor Dorian Thorne
SummaryAn unscrupulous and slightly mad scientist. Thorne is seemingly without morals or a conscience, caring more about furthering his own knowledge and understanding of exsistence and science than what could be considered RIGHT or WRONG, or the well-being of others for that matter.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark Grey fur with light grey spots.
Hair ColourShaggy messy hair as he doesn't take care of it, with white hair streaks along his temples, above the ears.
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingThorne is wearing a dusty, dirty, and dingy old lab coat 24:7. With an equally tattered and ripped up pair of blue pants.
AccessoriesVarious accessories, such as a pen and paperpad to record notes, as well as various little gadgets and trinkets in his pockets, as well as various syringes and small sample containers. Not to mention a small lightweight tranquilizer gun.
WeaponryHis mind counts, as he is quite cunning and ruthless if need be. Not to mention that some of his gadgets and trinkets can also inflict damage upon others, and lastly... that tranq-gun he carries... the darts can bring down creatures of varying sizes in mere seconds.
Outstanding FeaturesKinda hunched over in his posture, nose is kinda hooked, and very weathered face.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTo some he's quite ingenius, to others he's quite mad. Insatiable lust for more knowledge, is infintely curious. Though can be quite shrewd and all out ill-tempered in his search for knowledge and truth.
BackgroundNot much is known of Thorne's life before he entered the scientific field. There are of course rumors, one that he was the son of a poor family growing up in the slums, whose parents (through odd jobs, some legal, some not) barely managed to put him through tutoring. Others claim that he was in fact the son of a brilliant doctor, who tried to sway her son to the more ethical research fields, but that just in turn forced him to break away from his family... and not to mention his mother mysteriously died a day or two before hand. There are even those who would contend that Dorian is in fact the spawn of some demonic force. But nobody knows for sure, and Dorian could care less. He's more interested in his work to be concerned what "lesser minds" think of him anyway. What is certain about him though, is that Thorne is a remarkable scientist, despite the means he at times goes to in order to acquire his knowledge. Has a distinct love of splicing.
LikesInventing, Researching, Performing Various Experiments, Experiments Going Smoothly, Tampering with Nature, Trying Out New Theories, and making a good cup of hot chocolate.
DislikesExperiments failing, creations malfunctioning/going berserk, people disrupting his experiments and research, not getting the results he wanted from said experiments, having to personally terminate out of control creations, and not getting the blasted clock on his VCR to work.
LocationUsually in his labs, furthering his various experiments and expanding his already brilliant mind. When not in his labs, he is usually out finding more specimens and materials for his research.
OccupationInventor, Engineer, Bio-Engineer, Genteticist, Researcher, Scientist, with various PhD's in various fields, including genetics, anthropology, zoology, archeology, botany, and so on and so forth.
Additional InfoIngenius/Unethical, Visionary/Psychopath, Brilliant/Insane, Unique/Diabolic and a large list of curse words are what have been used to describe the individual known as Dorian Thorne. Has a small creature with him at times, could possibly be one of his earliest successes at splicing, as it seems to have charactersistics of both a Ferret, a Hamster, and a Gecko. It's name is "Aristotle"

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"You do not realize what we have here, in our very hands we have the cosmic force of creation itself... IN OUR VERY HANDS. We can shape life, take it apart, put it together again, and mold it like PUTTY." - Doctor's Voice