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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMika Kyubi
SpeciesKitsune, nine-tailed
Age1,940 years
Height5' 3" (160 cm)
Weight136 pounds (61.7 kg)
Summary1940, looks 19; Female Kitsune; 5' 3"; 136 lb.; Long red hair to her feet; Jade green eyes; gorgeous face; giant breasts, narrow waist, wide hips; heavy legs with visible muscles; dainty feet. Her kataginu-covered kimono top is open to her tummy, three panel skirt (one front, two back with her nine tails between) with the kanji for Mahou and Inari in back, Kitsune in front. Tabi socks and geta are worn. At her side, an ornate Katana and quiver, at her back, a daikyu.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMika's fur is the color of most normal foxes, a russet red with a white underbelly slightly longer and shaggier than the rest of her fur. From mid-forearm to fingertips and from mid-shin to her toes her fur is a dark brown-black.
Hair ColourA mass of flowing red hair that reaches to her feet, falling in waves that seem to move almost with a life of their own, they're so silky.
Eye ColourMika's eyes are a slit-pupiled jade green in color, and a bit large, almost anime-ish on her.
ClothingMika usually wears a "fantasy-kimono", nothing that ever historically existed, which shows off much of her bewitching figure. The bottom, in white, blue and gold, is almost reminiscent of a chinese dress, but is a three-segment skirt, with one front panel and two back ones (which frame her nine bushy tails). On the two back panels are two kanji characters, one for Inari and the other one for Mahou (Magic), whilst on the front the kanji for Kitsune is displayed, brush-inked into the fabric lovingly. The white top is half kimono, half kataginu, giving her the flare-shouldered look normally worn by male samurai. The kimono-like segment is worn very open in a deep V to her waist and displays an alarming and immodest amount of cleavage, while the kataginu segment is done in a shade of deep blue, a fox-head crest adorning the places where a family mon (crest) is required. At her waist is tied a narrow obi also in deep blue. On her feet are tabi socks and geta.
AccessoriesOn the obi (belt) is an iPod, the headphones of which seem to almost never leave her ears. Often, music of such wild and improbably disparate sources will be heard to be softly emitted.
WeaponryMika carries with her at all times a katana, tucked almost irreverently into her obi (belt). The scabbard of this masterwork blade is decorated with images of foxes at play, tumbling and jumping over one another, all done in a mix of stained wood, lacquer, and worked jade bits. Also at her side is a quiver of long arrows for her daikyu, which is worn across her back.
Outstanding FeaturesFrom just above a large, round, and shapely rump nine enormous and bushy fox tails sprout, each of them almost seven feet long and extremely fluffy, bushy, and soft. All of them can flex and be virtually prehensile.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySoft-spoken, very gentle, almost always well-mannered and seemingly formal. Underneath it, though, lies a Kitsune with an interest and love for having fun, a passion for her friends, and a willingness to throw herself into fun times with an abandon verging on the insane. She is not above looking like a fool, and doesn't mind if others "offend her dignity" in playful, funny, humorous ways.
BackgroundMika is a very old Kitsune, and one who has seen drastic change go through her people. From the fun-loving and occasionally dangerous pranksters they were, she has seen them adopt more and more of the human ways of feudal-era Japan, until eventually, those higher up became almost a parody of the Imperial Court at Edo. As those around her grew into this, and she herself gained more and more power from pranks and fun and time, she grew disillusioned with merely playing the role of feudal Daimyo answerable to the Courts. A century and a half after the Kitsune on the whole upped and left Japan for the Retreat, a realm of their own made up much like Japan was, to live in the old ways as Japan modernized and headed towards the twentieth century, Mika decided that she would play the role of the rebel. Wandering the "outer world", she grew to learn the modern day, and accepted the way Kitsune once were: pranksters. Shedding most of the traditional dignity, Mika brought herself fully into the modern world. Living in Japan, she used the small fortune of gold and moneys and antiques she had garnered across the ages as a base for a fortune, and made of herself a businesswoman, as much to disturb the traditionally male-dominated businesses of Japan as to finance herself for any venture she may choose to undertake. Amassing a large fortune shortly after World War II's American occupation era, Mika turned to seeing the rest of the world, whilst keeping with her much of her old world. It is now, as a wanderer, rich almost beyond compare (but never flaunting it or using it as someone of her status might), she goes from place to place, enjoying the modern world, occasionally playing pranks, and returning home to the Retreat to do as she must occasionally: administer her domains and sit on Council. A Council which she has determined she will singlehandedly shame into learning that they are still KITSUNE, and should be free and fun-loving, not dour.
LikesGentle times and soft, comfortable snuggles. Mika is a gentle fur, who, despite having a lot of old Japanese traditions dating back now a good hundred years or more, fully understands and accepts, and indeed lives in, the modern world. Thus, she enjoys technology, and videogames, computers, and modern music.
DislikesLoud, boisterous, boorish folk, those with ill manners and an unwillingness to accept the different and new. Mika especially hates prejudice in all forms, and will either ignore a visibly-prejudiced person or verbally attack them. Mika also harbors an unrelenting, abiding, and vicious hatred of any who would take the life of another for naught but pleasure. For these people, Mika reserves an especially vicious tirade. Usually, she does NOT give second chances to wanton murderers.
LocationWherever she may roam for the moment.
OccupationWanderer. She /would/ almost be a Ronin, were it not for the fact that she is nine-tailed and sits upon the Council, holds land and has responsibilities to those under her. She is a full Daimyo, but often leaves running her domains to those under her, as she is prone to "walk the world", and returns home only when truly needed. Because of this, she is considered more than a bit of a rebel by other nine-tails.
Additional InfoIMPORTANT: Mika is a CHARACTER, not ME! She is meant for roleplaying. Do NOT assume just because Mika acts in some way when playing IN CHARACTER that I, the player, IRL, believe or feel the same! For many folk this is hard to grasp, so I will state it AGAIN: Mika is a CHARACTER, not ME! Note also that often, in a room that is mostly OOC, I will USUALLY be OOC. If in doubt, ASK!!!
Hopefully this will sink in. Thank you.