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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHorus (Bridgett Judith Severian)
SpeciesPolychromic Canis Lupis (multicolor wolf)
SummaryA very complex lady/bitch

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBright red all over with blue tipped fingers, toes, and tail. She has a blue anhk shaped birthmark on her left breast (but few would ever see it) Physically she's a bit on the lanky side. She's not really flat, just really thin, almost ferret-like and scraggly.
Hair ColourGritty and red like her fur. It reached the middle of her back. She also has two long black bangs.
Eye ColourGolden
Clothingfading semi-tight rainbow shirt straight from the seventies, casual jeans with many patches, and leather boots.
WeaponryShe's not much of a fighter. She has no special abilities or magic powers. She's not very handy with most weapons. 100% mortal. She can't even size shift or anything like that, and prefers not to.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe can be an utterly cruel bitch, but is uncommonly loyal to her friends. She's may come off as mean and cold, but she's actually quite friendly, she just has a wierd way of showing it. A regular Naughty and Nice girl. Would also like to note that she has virtually no experience with magic or the like, a bit nervous around people severely bigger than her, and demons scare her. :P There's a lot more to it than that, if she takes a liking to you, you might just find out.
BackgroundHailing from New York, her attitude reflects it. Two years ago, her ex boyfriend comitted suicide, though hoped to take her with him. Every year on December 10th, the day he died, he haunts her, slowly driving her to madness.
Likesuncle vinny's bloodstained rug, techno, and her 3in teddybear named "Roachy" She enjoys common vices, like drinking, smoking, and poker.
Dislikesidiots, showoffs, and attention whoring bastards. also has a slight disliking for sponges. also doesn't like to be shrunken or grown for any reason. don't try.
Locationannoying the crap out of her friend, rf, whom she nicknames 'shitface'
Additional InfoBridgett was nicknamed 'Horus' early in life because of her fascination with ancient Egypt. That and she looked a little like a furry Horus.