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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKalo Foxfire
SpeciesKitsune (Naori Kitsune)
AgeLooks to be about 19 or 20ish
HeightSomewhere between 4 and 5 feet
WeightPretty light
SummaryKalo Foxfire, as he calls himself, is somewhere between four and five feet in height. He is a male kitsune, single-tailed, with brownish-red fur. He is usually wearing a casual pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt with some tacky slogan on it.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrownish-red
ClothingA pair of blue jeans and white t-shirt with some sort of tacky slogan on it, usually. Sometimes he wears a full-length hooded robe that matches his brownish-red fur. If he does, the hood is almost always up.
AccessoriesNone that he carries around with him regularly...
WeaponryUsually, none (that he carries around with him, anyway), but he's taken to carrying a katana with an ornate gold-and-red sheath. He usually keeps this strapped across his back.
Outstanding FeaturesOn the back of his left paw, a curious design... It's four boxes in a 2x2 grid, resembling a window. In each box, there's a diagonal line, either a backslash or forward slash. Without the boxes, it looks like this: / //

Personality & Background

BackgroundReally long and complicated. Time traveling, alternate realities, evil twins who are actually the 'original' you from the alternate reality you moved to... Long story.
LikesVore, cooking, reading, yiffing, helping other people (especially when it involves vore or cooking)
DislikesUsing his powers, angst and it's derivatives
OccupationUnemployed... well, maybe it might be better to say retired... well, intermittent retirement between freelancering