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ok its crap i know...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameWhitefox
SpeciesArctic fox cross bred
Age20 9.9
Height5ft 3in
Weight113 lbs
SummaryMy name is simple : Whitefox.I'm a micro compared to others

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMy fur color is solid white with gray at the tip of my tail
Hair ColourHis head fur is all white along with the rest of fur and not from old age!His hair tips off into a light grey and silver. His hair itself is rather like a long flow from the center of the skull to the side of his eye.
Eye ColourHis eyes a are work for themselfs really.There a shade of lemon green and olive green. when he gets over angered they become a darker color while if he to happy becomes a lighter shade.
ClothingHis cloths try to contrast and make his fur color stand out.He'll usally wear a black Baggy jeans along with a silk black shirt.
AccessoriesHe has a few but not many.He has and silver poketwatch from as a adcemy gift.A belt for all his vails and one scarbard holder. however you spell it.
WeaponryFighting is somehting i need to be in the mood for. his weapon goes by the names Oathkeeper. and no not the one from kindom Hearts. Its a twohanded sword with the hilt of wings and archs outward. the blade is one sided filled with hooks and sharp edged while the other side is the rather extremly sharp blade.
Outstanding FeaturesHe love flight so you may ocasionally see his wings. His wings are of pure white of matching grey tiped feathers. One thig he always has is his Vial Belt. This belt carrys all of his belts for his chemistry/alchemy potions.

Personality & Background

Personalityfriendly,gentle,kind, don't like to much blood sorry and welcoming to new peopple.Peaceful and like a good game once a while.
BackgroundWhitefox is a graduate at an achademy for Alchemy Arts and Chemistry.
LikesWatching macros action good or bad. Drawing out new characters and and sences.curios in most way about things and likes yiffs ^_^.Rock and some softies(music),final fantaasy...i'm a lil intrested in vore..
Dislikestoo serious of people,rasism and other stuff which i could mention but rather wouldn't
LocationWhere does he roam? He usally roams around the forests.
Occupationwhat is this occupation yo speak of?
Additional Info?..i dono

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"oh dam" "you know....you could have ASKED before you did that"

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