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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAbbey
Height5 foot, 11 inches
WeightSlim, 130 lbs
SummaryEighteen years ago this female werewolf was born in a forest just outside china. The forest however is long gone, along with her parents who died trying to protect it from foreign invaders. She and her parents were long hounded before that though for there rare fur colour. She is only one of a few werewolfs left with her almost unique colour. After her parents death she left china and traveled to the UK where she now resides. Apart from a few people every now and again wanting her to promote things for them, or even a stray bounty hunter after her fur, she lives a rather quiet life.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is a rather easy to notice Pink, which in her species. Is rare.
Hair ColourHer headfur along with the rest of her fur is pink, but the more distinguishing thing about her hair besides its colour is its length which is left to fall, would reach her rump with no problem what so ever.
Eye ColourHer eyes are as black as coal, but do not let this throw you off. She is quite friendly, her eyes simply display the cold feelings she has for those who destroyed her forest.
ClothingShe dawns (although its not shown in the picture) a loose fitting faded pink shirt, allowing her fur to stick out the bottom. And the tuft of fur on her chest to breathe easily. And when she feels like it (usually) she wears denim shorts with frayed edges, again, loose fitting.
AccessoriesGolden ring in her left ear
WeaponryShe is skilled in the use of a Bo, Katana and her Claws.
Outstanding FeaturesHer pink fur, and pink painted claws. Also in her left ear she has a golden ring inserted just below the tip.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe will kill, without any mercy, anyone she finds helped with the destruction of her home, however apart from that. She is a friendly, affectionate and skilled werewolf who would be glad to have you as a friend. Yup you.
BackgroundHer background is something she wishes to leave behind her, unless the situation calls for it.
LikesPink things, Cuddles, Snuggles, Glomps, Slurps, Footpaws, shows of affection eg: kisses, scritches etc.
DislikesThose who see her breasts before they see her face, Macro's picking on Micro's unless they've been asked to. Being picked up by larger beings. Meaning over ten feet longer, she does not mind being hugged off her paws by someone a few feet larger than her. Oh and people touching her fur - of which she is very proud of - without asking first, or knowing her as a good friend.
LocationSouth East London
OccupationWhen ever she is in need of cash or is short she simply offers herself as a model or advertiser. As she attracts so much attention its easy to find work.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"My legs are fine thank you, as is the rest of me!"