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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKeaton Sato
Age400 human years old
Height1 foot tall as fox, 5 feet 3 inches tall as a human/anthro/youkai
WeightAs a fox, 5 lbs. Other forms: 130 lbs.
SummaryKeaton is a few centuries old, has the appearance of an 18 year old in human form, has four tails.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLong silver fur, normally about 2 inches long all over his back, pure white short fur on his belly and around his paws.
Hair ColourLong silver and gold hair, about shoulder length in all forms, part of it covering his left eye. His fur shifts through different shades of white and silver depending on the light and his mood. When sad, a light blue undertone appears in his hair. When angry, his hair turns a light red.
Eye ColourHe has soft golden eyes, seeming to shimmer with an innate sadness. As night falls, his eyes glow a little in the fading light.
ClothingAs a fox, he wears no clothes except for a dark blue cape. In his other forms, he usually wears an indigo kimono made of fine silk with different kanji in white on it. He also wears a black hakama with silver striping going down vertically along the sides and a silver hem of half an inch. He also wears dark brown socks going up to his knees, split at the large toe.
AccessoriesAs a human, around his forearms are a pair of tekko, armwarmers, colored black with red string around them. He also wears a black obi with a few medicine cases on them with his family crest. On his head he wears either a headband with small silver bells on it or a straw hat in the style of the ronin. Around his neck is a pendant of three ovals connected together at 60 degree angles to each other with a ruby in the center. As a kitsune, he merely wears plain gold bracelets on his wrists, and a ring on each tail. On his back he carries a dark blue bag with all his food and other necessary supplies, at his side is a cloth bag with medicine and water.
WeaponryAs a kitsune, he wields a simple iron claw on his right paw, removing the bracelet. As a human or his other bipedal forms, he carries either two swords, a long and short one, or a monk's staff. Other weapons he might have are stunning or blinding powder, made of ground peppers and salt, or some little needles and caltrops, retrieved from a small pouch on his hip or shoulder. Another weapon he uses is his magic, based on the wind. He can create blasts of wind from his paws, fly, or create wind shields and very weak tornadoes. He can also create mists to hide from the enemy and use his foxfire, throwing flames from his tails.
Outstanding FeaturesOn his cheeks are certain markings, on his right is an old symbol for his struggles and pains. On his left, a mark showing the rise of the sun and conquering of the dark, his joys and happiness.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's quite thoughtful and quiet, but will speak up if needed. He's willing to go to great lengths for his friends, even sacrificing himself if needbe, if ever. He enjoys music quite much and will easily be placated with anything except rap and country.
BackgroundHe comes from medieval Japan, around the early 1600's A.D. He lost his parents when he was very young to a group of raiders and hunters of all species and races, the V'ntung. He has tried his best to stop them and avenge his parent's deaths, but to no avail. He has little memory of his other relatives since he hardly visited them, and they were all swept away in a great tsunami when he was very young. Currently, he travels in search of peace and ways to better himself and the world... he might be successful, he might not... only time will tell.
LikesSushi, most seafood, rice, being with friends, reading good books, studying magic, watching television nowadays, and long sessions of solitude and peace.
DislikesRude people, one's who have little to no manners, and seeing people hurt.
LocationDepends on player.
OccupationHe is a wanderer, traveling the world to see what it is like. When he was younger, he was a swordsman, but that didn't last long. When he gets older, he hopes to settle down and become a physician or teacher with some training.