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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSegan Silverpaw
Height7ft 9in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is a light blue, easily confused with grey.
Hair ColourHis headfur is shaggy, though barely distinguishable from the rest of his fur. A small tuft of it is over his forehead.
Eye ColourEyes are a deep crimson.
ClothingWears a Dark Red Trenchcoat with a hood and a button up collar on the inside of the hood, there is a black wolves head symbol stitched onto the back of the trenchcoat. Has on a black t-shirt beneath the trenchcoat aswell. Wears dark bown pair of pants that look weathered and rough. He also has a black leather belt around his waist and wears Dark brown boots. He also wears a pair of Dark brown leather gauntlets.
AccessoriesLarge Grey backpack on his back that has the same Symbol on the flap of it as the trenchcoat, the backpack has a pair of binoculars on the side in a pouch, aswell a sleepingbag tied to the top, inside the backpack he carries various things Medicine, food and an extra set of clothes aswell a book of spells and learnable magics. There is a quiver filled with arrows on his back beside the backpack. Also has a silver pocketwatch.
WeaponryHis weapons include a longbow, a pair of Katana called Rezva and arten. Carries a few Stun grenades and a pair of daggers hidden up his sleeves. Carries a long chain with a large kunai on one end and a weight on the other.
Outstanding FeaturesHis Fur which seems to be a rare color, though none can Really tell as it is confused for grey often. He also has a large scar from his left shoulder down to his right hip. There is also the clan symbol on his right shoulder and the center of his back thats in the shape of a black star and blue crescent moon.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is a little secretive though he is friendly enough to make a joke or two sometimes he is misunderstood but he is a nice person.
BackgroundGrew up on his own, liveing in the mountains, taught himself to hunt and fish, occaisionally selling some of what he killed in the nearby market of a town close to the mountains. When he couldn't catch anything he did also Occaisionally steal but just what he needed to get by. Though not many have seen him the ones in town are afraid of him, some beleiveing he is a demon. He found a book a long time ago within the forest a the base of his mountain upon reading it he has learned a numerous amount of magic from it, he intends to read and memorize the entire book to add to his abilities though haveing an innate number of magic spells allready. This book also lists creatures and beings within it some of the beings were written into the book by him, others were there alrready the book does include plenty of blank pages.
LikesFighting, haveing fun, makeing friends and food.
LocationA cabin in the Fexerin mountains North of the town Varenia.
Additional InfoHe has three forms: Wolf Anthro, Ferral wolf, and Human. He tends to keep his face hidden when he is human. Has an amazeing array of magics some natural to his species, others he has learned. Extra clothes happens to be a basic hooded coat. with a pair of khaki pants and his boots. He has recently found a deposit of gold near his cabin and has begun makeing coins from them with his symbol embossed upon them.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteRemember this Information well, write it down on your hand if you don't trust your head. ~Jester from Devil May Cry 3~