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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMisha-blackfox
Height5 ft 4
Weightdo you want to ask?
Summary5ft4, black, digitigrade and very scared of anyone approaching her (see background)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourJet black fur around her entire body, her belly fur and tailtip are a deep grey shade highlighting them from the rest of her body.
Hair ColourSilvery-white normally left to flow back
Eye Coloursunken yellow colour
Clothingnormally wears a half kimono on her upper body with a faded blue pair of shorts on her legs, the only comfortable thing her stance will let her wear
Accessoriesnormally carries a backpack and sleeping roll with her
WeaponryHas six blades strapped to a huge scabbard on her back. The blades can slot together
Outstanding FeaturesApart from her almost completely black Body Misha is also digitigrade

Personality & Background

PersonalitySecretive, suspicious but her friendly side is waiting to jump out
BackgroundOriginally outgoing that all changed when her kind was labelled as Demons and hunted almost to extinction because of it. Since then she's been running away from Fur and Demon hunters alike, trying to find somewhere she can settle and live in peace.
LikesNot being hunted, relaxing with friends. Working in a steady job. not being called a Demon
Dislikesbeing called a Demon, getting hunted for her pelt or because people think she's a Demon
Locationwherever her paws take her
Occupationwhatever she can get
Additional Infocan float in the air as well as use a form of teleporting. Can also change energy from one state to another eg sound to kinetic energy. But obeys the law of energy conservation. Has a darker side to her nature also (Read Badass!)

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Is that your arm?"