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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAntonia Voltaile
SpeciesReioce ( Anthro Bengal Tigress )
Height5' 5"

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourToni has the same customary pelt as your average bengal tiger stretched over feminine anthro form. Her rump, crotch, inner thighs, belly, chest, neck, and jaw all have plush creamy white fur covering them, as do the palms of her paws and soles of her feet. The rest of her is covered in a slick orange pelt with black stripes.
Hair ColourToni has silky smooth, thick, wavy brunette hair that cascades around her ears and down between her shoulder blades.
Eye ColourHer eyes are youthful and gentle, with sky blue irises that glitter with serene mischief.
ClothingBecause of her carefree nature, she wears an outfit that looks much less modest than she is. She wears a sky blue strapless top that only covers her breasts, and shows off a bit of the cleavage of her modestly sized breasts. She also wears a thong of the same color, that shows off much of her pleasantly rotund rear end. Though these articles of clothing are rather revealing, her overall attitude of calmness and modesty makes the clothing seem a lot more decent. Plus she also wears a set of puffy gossamer shirt and pants that plume out around her lean-muscled limbs.
AccessoriesToni wears bracelets and anklets whenever she goes out; they consist of two metal rings melded together at two opposite points, and wrapped within these rings are transclucent crystals of cobalt color. Sometimes she wears a pair of silver earrings that have clear marble sized ornaments embedded in them. Also she often has a flower stuck in her hair behind one of her ears; the flower is either sky blue, yellow, or white.
WeaponryToni isn't the violent type of fur, but if she ever needs to protect herself her claws and teeth can suffice as decent weapons.
Outstanding FeaturesToni has a set of beautiful wings, with soft white feathers; the limbs of wings are orange with a black line running down them.

Personality & Background

PersonalityToni is a very gentle and kind fur, and very shy; she is often afraid to let her youthful bubbliness out. She is a very carefree and calm spirit; she -will- stop to smell the flowers, or enjoy the rest of the scenery around her, especially if it's natural. This makes her ditzy rather often though, so she needs to keep herself in check often so as not to make anyone upset with her for any reason.
BackgroundAntonia was born to a wealthy family on the planet Jiamanté. She inherited her wings from her father, a griffolyon named Flyjion, and her tigress form she obtained from her mother, Anthia. After a few years, Toni's father tried to teach her how to use her wings effectively, without success. So, she and her parents moved to Captioros in the nearby Kartanos system. There Flyjion and Anthia knew Toni would receive more than adequete flying instruction from the takos, who were creatures with unsurpassed flying skills. There is where she went through grade school, taking flying classes along side her academic classes; the flying classes kept her form very trim and atheletic. During her time in grade school she gained a liking of dancing in most forms, so she taught herself how to dance while she was alone in her room. Now she has gone off on her own to college to get away from the spoils of the family and live on her own. She decided to attend BigFurs college because she always was content being around the large elder takos the took care of her when her parents couldn't, so she wanted to go somewhere where she could be surrounded by large caring creatures. She hopes that she gains many new friends, and that she can do what she enjoys doing while gaining her education.
Likesdancing; making friends and being with them whenever possible; snuggling, smooching, and being loving in general; flying
DislikesMean/close-minded people; people who take advantage of her
LocationShe has her own dorm at the BFCC college that is open for anyone who still needs a dorm to stay. Though she often goes out in search of new friends, as well as going to seek her old ones.
Additional InfoAntonia often goes by her nickname Toni, because she likes it so much. But humans often call her Toni because of the trademark character Tony the Tiger from the Frosted Flakes cereal boxes. That slightly annoys her, but she doesn't let it bother her, despite some humans saying that she is Tony's girlfriend or sister or some other relative, which she isn't.