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Just a piccy ^-^

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKai
SpeciesWerewolf cub
Weight180 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourKai stands about 5'2" in heighth. His fur colour is black but his underside is white.
Hair ColourHis head fur is short and contrasted to the rest of his body fur.
Eye ColourHis eyes are a deep dark blue but no one can turn down his puppy eyes when he wants something so badly. =P
ClothingKai usually doesn't wear any clothes but if needed he wears some baggy cut off blue jnco jeans with a paw print on the right rear pocket.
AccessoriesKai really doesn't carry anything with him often but if he does find someting along the way of his travels he surely takes it.
WeaponryKai's sharp claws and fangs, along with his speed, make him an admirable opponent. Kai has a unique ability. He can make things happen with just a simple thought, although they do not last that long. It keeps him intertained for a while. ^-^

Personality & Background

PersonalityKai is somewhat shy but a very happy cub at most. The only time he seems aggressive is when he might be in danger or during a full moon.. Kai is also very curious about everything.
BackgroundKai is an orphan. His parents were hunted down along with the pack he was born into. Kai really doesn't remember much about his old pack, only that they are gone.. Kai travels to many places and explores.
LikesKai likes to make new friends, but he is a bit shy at first. He likes alot of foods, drinks and games.
DislikesHe hates green food or most food with no meat in it but candy is another story =P
LocationHe doesn't really stay anywhere usually but when he is tired he finds someplace quiet to take a puppy nap.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote(I have 2) "Are you gonna eat that?" o.O "Its rude to let food go to waste." -Hige (Wolf's Rain)

Stay in Contact

AIMWolf Pup Kai (AIM only)