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Fighting Sohees

Vital Statistics!

Character NameEol Carensir
Weight183 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight tan skin, generic for humans who travel a fair amount.
Hair ColourShort silver-white hair, not very well kept due to his profession.
Eye ColourLight grey
ClothingWhite cloth trench-coat with gold lining around the collar and arms, white pants, white travel boots (likes white eh?)and a gold belt to keep pants up.
AccessoriesBlinker, a soft cloth used to cover one's eyes, aids in sleeping, and hightens the wearer's senses greatly.
WeaponryAssorted maces, and padded gloves (bare-knuckle fighting is how Eol traditionally fights).

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, outgoing person, intelligent, somewhat humorous, very bizarre, shy (big problem).
BackgroundEöl grew up always fighting. Before he left home he always was defending himself from bullies and what-not, and when he became an Acolyte of the High Church in Prontera, he continued to barely survive. With the aid of a kind Assassin, Darc, he brought many undead and demons in the fallen kingdom of Glast Heim to rest using his healing abilities. Eventually, when Eöl master everything he could as an Acolyte, he, with the aid of Darc and a Knight named Ryus, chose to become a Monk rather than Priest. After many battles won and much time spent, Eöl achieved his goal. Now as a Monk, Eöl uses sheer mental and physical discipline to achieve his goals in protecting his friends, and destroying his foes. By some strange manipulation of his Warp Portal spell, he was able to enter the realm of Furs letting him interact with anthromorphs both big and small. He is not stranded in this world, so long as he remembers to bring at least one Blue Gem to open another Warp Portal out.
LikesRabbits, growth, food, helping others, annoying others, making new friends, (Censored), cute things.
DislikesBeing underestimated due to his stature and/or specie, mobs, being yelled at, being unable to aid another.
LocationRune-Midgard, or where his warp portals take him.
Additional InfoEöl is able to take hits, both physical and metaphysical, quite well due to his Mental Strength ability. He can teleport (to random locations) and snap (dashing for a brief period at insane speeds). He is very skilled in unarmed combat or extreme close-range combat (knives, fists, claws, etc).

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLa dee dah~

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