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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJay Icelion
SpeciesAnthro Lion
Height1.9m (Just over 6')
SummaryHere you see a normal sized anthro lion with fur the colour of virgin snow. His face is surrounded by a mane of bluest fur, dredlocked and cascading over his broad shoulders. His body is of average height, standing at just over 6ft and tends more towards lean and athletic rather than muscular. A long tail sprouts from his back and its thuft of fur on the end matches his mane in colour.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA light soft fur covers most of his body, the fur being the colour of whitest snow.
Hair ColourHis mane-fur is dredlocked and the colour of bluest ice, with his tail tipped in the same colour fur. The dreds hang down to just past his shoulderblades.
Eye ColourHis eyes are still the deep golden orbs found in lions of the wilds of Africa.
ClothingNormally wearing a pair of slacks and a loose fitting t-shirt, he also sometimes prefers going completely naked.
AccessoriesA hairband to tie his dredlocks back.
WeaponryLions don't need weapons. That's why they're lions... Powerfull paws and long claws...and then of course there's that bite.
Outstanding FeaturesHis mane is dredlocked and hangs over his fairly broad shoulders.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEnjoys making people laugh as much as enjoying a good laugh himself. Tends to be very friendly and loyal. Enjoys a good gnaw or nibble on people, but always in a playfull manner.
BackgroundIs pretty sure there's a history involved since basically you can't be born a young adult, though he just doesn't remember what it is.
LikesA good laugh and making people laugh. Friendly furs and people. Sleeping. Playing. Yiffing (almost LIKE playing...just not...). Macro's. Experimenting and trying out new experiences/ tastes. OH OH OH! Also enjoy writing stories! - if you want me to write one for ya lemme know.
DislikesConflict and violence. Gore or grossness. And the most evil thing of all: Colliflower. (I'm keeping it's twin broccoli under 24 hour surveillance...just in case...)
LocationSomewhere in the wilds of South Africa.
OccupationNone that he's aware of and likes it that way.
Additional InfoIf you'd like to chat just give me a msg on yahoo. If I'm not on just leave a message and I'll get back to ya. I enjoy meeting new people from all over so don't be shy :>

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"*GNAW!*" - also - "There's no such thing as 'too much' or 'too big'." ;>

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