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Those are really large books, no?

Vital Statistics!

Character NameJakebe T. Rabbit
SpeciesFlemish Giant Rabbit (har har)
Age25-ish. Possibly.
Height120 feet
Weight680 Tons (1,360,000 pounds)
SummaryA rather shy and bookish rabbit, but mischievous and warm once you get to know him. He's slightly odd, but relatively friendly; bring up bibliophile-related subjects, and you'll have a fast and ready conversation partner.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHoney/tan and white fur, with smoke-black eartips.
Hair ColourHoney/tan.
Eye ColourLight brown.
ClothingThere's a fondness for Victorian clothing, including the vests, pocketwatches, hats and spats, but his day-to-day wardrobe is much more modest.
AccessoriesA pipe that blows smoke or bubbles (but never both at once), a tree that serves as a walking cane, a pocket watch that could double as a clock tower.
WeaponryInsults that inspire stark confusion among those inflicted with them. Also, quite a bit of weight. He's got a mean kick.
Outstanding FeaturesReading glasses perched precariously atop a finely-shaped rabbit muzzle. Also, the occasional pair of antlers.

Personality & Background

Personalityfriendly and warm, mostly, though there's a shy and introverted streak.
Likesbooks, growth, magic, fantasy, music, quiet, sunrises, ravens, rabbits, kangaroos, herbivores of all stripes.
Dislikesshamelessly sexual folks, excessive violence, no respect for decorum, apathy of all sorts, people with superiority complexes.

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