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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNefaria
SpeciesAnthropomorphic Demoness (Shapeshifter)
WeightYou Wanna Get Stomped & Find Out? >:3
SummaryNefaria is an amazingly attractive cherry coke scented, toned and shapely demonic princess who has red long hair that falls to her back. A wing span that is so enormous it can turn day literally into night and night into complete darkness. She has red horns, flawless black strong shinny leathery skin that is impervious to being penetrated yet has very soft red human like skin that covers the palms of her hands, the interior of her wings, her toned, and shapely underbelly, the slightly wrinkled soles of her extremely high arched feet with long slender toes, and the under side of her massively long snake like tail. Her body gives off a tremendous amount of heat that maintains 144*F/ 62.2*C and has been known to rise when she gets happy, angry, or excited. This heat can be felt within a radius four times the area of space she occupies. (Last Updated: January 16, 2009)

Outward Appearance

Eye ColourGlowing Ruby Red
ClothingRed Ruby Crown Trimmed In Gold, Red Super Tight Ultra Thin Valor V Neck Tank Top With Ruby Fur Around The Neck, Red Super Tight Ultra Thin Valor Short Shorts Slightly Hanging Down To Reveal My Thong, Victoria Secret Red Thong, And A Pair Of Ruby Red Transparent High Heel Open Toe Shoes
AccessoriesCherry Flavored Lip Gloss, Big Red Gum, Gold Horn Rings, Gold Church Bell Ear Rings, Gold Necklaces with a Ruby letter "N" Pendant, Gold Uvula Ring (Not Piercing), Gold Bracelets, Gold Wing Rings, Gold Rings, Ruby Belly Ring, Gold Tail Rings, Gold Ankle Bracelets, and Gold Toe Rings. Right Now I Have On Ruby Red Transparent Nail Polish With Rubies Trimmed In Gold On Each Of My Toes
WeaponryThat?s for her enemies to find out
Outstanding FeaturesA Ruby on her forehead that seems to be imbedded into her skin, Juicy Lips, Flat Stomach, Big Hips, 36 DDed T*ts, Extremely High Arches In Her Feet As Well As Her Long Slender Toes

Personality & Background

PersonalityNefaria is a very open minded charming and seductive person who understands multiple perspectives about people. She doesn?t discriminate against one's liking or one's view. This is something she couldn?t do because she too requires open minded people in order to understand her. She?s obsessed with her feet. She dose what ever she can to keep them clean and perfect for all those pawsluts out there. She beliefs that if her feet which is the lowest part of her body is extremely well taken care of then every thing above that has to be better. You'll find that Nefaria never passes up a moment where someone wants to worship her feet. She really enjoys various activities and you'll find that Nefaria truly is the royal demoness princess. So all in all be your self openly to her because that's what she doses all the time is being herself.
BackgroundNefaria was born on July 24th within her home world of Belvoke. Belvoke is a cool moist mid evil world with many castles and dark forests and really displays a vivid autumn appeal. Her father Kilo a full blooded demon who is ruler over the Demon people. Kilo isn't one to be messed with. He has a violent history of killing hundreds of thousands of humans as well as a impressive military combat history where he was head general before becoming ruler. Nefarias mother Katrina a half demon half human who was born in NYC. Katrina's mother had been married to a full blooded demon and gave birth to Katrina. In Katrina?s early stages of life she grew up a normal person. One by looking at her wouldn?t expect she was a demon only a very beautiful New York City Girl. When it came to a time where when Katrina's mother died she told her in her dieing breath that she was a half demon and told her about how her father who was never really missing just that he had returned to a world named Belvoke. Katrina?s mother also told her about how to get there through a machine that her father left in there basement. Katrina had wanted to see her father that she had only seen when she was very young. Once she got there in search of her father she found out he too had been killed recently in a conflict between humans and Demons. That's where she met Kilo. Kilo at the time had just been appointed head general after Katrina's father's death. He took heave to her and conferred her after finding out that her only family was dead. She then fell in love with him and then soon here after Nefaria was born. {Nefaria has a huge history to BIG to be told here or explained, You'll just have to wait till the time comes where that will be revealed}
LikesLoves God, Church Bells, Vitamin D Milk, Honest People, Being Loved, Being Pampered, Having my feet worshiped eiather by massage or licking, Flirting
DislikesClose Minded People, People to look down on me, Biters and Imitaters to my style, Liers, Cheaters and Deceivers
LocationHer Castle, or Manhattan Mall (Usually If Its There)
OccupationDemoness Princess, Military Soldier Of Home World, and of course Schooling
Additional InfoNefaria has a extremely sharp sense of hearing and can detect the sound of a victims heart beat from miles away. She also can sense the electrical impulses that all living things give off through her lips. **Can Not Be Forcibly Changed into another form, nor sizeshifted outside herown control.** {Elemental Type: Fire} {Place Of Origin: Alternate Universe}

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"My dear there is no reason to fear""Massage my feet""As you wish""Your Mine"

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