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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRathbone Thomas
Weight3,118 lb and up

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue with a white chest. He has dark blue forearms/hands, and calves/feet. In the same shade of dark blue, he has a streak going down the middle of his chest, and another down the middle of his back.
Hair ColourDark purple. Style tends to vary.
Eye ColourCyan.
ClothingUsually just pants/shorts. No shoes or shirt. When in combat, he'll wear platemail on some areas, but not so much that it'll restrict his movement. He relies more on life magic for protection than he relies on plates of metal.
AccessoriesSmall rectangular sunglasses. Rath always wears these glasses... Always.
WeaponryWhen he does do combat, he prefers to use an axe and shield. He can wield most heavy weapons as though they weighed as much as toothpicks, so he's decided to develop a more disciplined fighting style that doesn't revolve around the stereotype of "big guy = beserker. let's wildly swing weapons around until the other guy falls down.". He figures that the strength of a giant combined with a disciplined fighting style makes for an extremely effective combat tactic. So far, it's worked. As previously mentioned, he's also somewhat proficient in life magic. Where he's from, life magic is just as deadly as any other school of magic. In that land, "Life Magic" is defined as the magic dealing with the manipulation of living things. Which includes things such as healing the body, damaging the body (Usually internally), altering the body (Such as size changing or making it as tough as steel), etc.
Outstanding FeaturesVery heavily muscled. Can lift 300 times his own current weight.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIs usually really shy around people he doesn't know too well. Though he doesn't usually have this problem when talking to a single person and/or when someone else starts the conversation. He also doesn't have the problem when extremely tired or bored. Other than that, he likes to think that he's kind, honest, and occasionally funny.
LikesIn general: (Fill in later)
DislikesIn general: Greed, selfishness, stereotyping, people who act like their opinion is law... Not much else..
OccupationWhite Sands Paladin.
Additional InfoIs normally a wolf, but also has a husky form. Picture Here

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"It's like seeing a ninja stuck in a tree. At first you go 'Aw, poor ninja' and try and help it down. Then a swarm of baby ninjas fly out and eat your face because you were too dumb to see it was a ploy, genius. Ninjas can't get stuck in trees."

Stay in Contact

AIMRathbone Thomas