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Vital Statistics!

Character NameWest Lorefield
Height7' 10

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is solid black with a white stripe going from the tipe of his muzzle and down his back all the way to the end of his tail.
Hair ColourBlack with a white stripe down the center of his hair.
Eye ColourEmerald Green.
ClothingWears a pair of black jeans and dark brown boots, also wears a dark blue t-shirt. Wears a black sleeveless vest over the t-shirt that has pockets carefully placed on it their is also a strap on the vest where the sheath of a Dagger is held another Daggers sheath at his side on a dark brown leather belt.
AccessoriesA gold necklace that has a small square plate with his name engraved on it. Also has a large brown backpack that carries extra clothes a medikit and rope aswell a grappleing hook. Also has a series of lock picks.
WeaponryTwo Daggers and a large broadsword called Vangaurd. Carries various thieves tools along with flash, smoke, explosive, poison and Incendiary powders Which he puts in capsules. Also carries throwing needles for precision attacks. Has a long chainwhip with a blade on one end and a precision weight on the other.
Outstanding FeaturesThe Symbol in the shape of a Dark blue crecent moon being struck by lightning on his left shoulder. He has Magical abilities of certain elements and theif abilities.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is a nice guy very kind though he can be very fierce when he has to be.
BackgroundHe has been a thief all his life ever since his father began teaching him, needless to way it helped him through school and such but he has sed it to gain a good home since he graduated from school he has continued being a thief becomeing famous for some of the items he has stolen he has gotten caught only two times but has managed to escape before even reaching jail, cops never think to search him for lock picks. They never can seem to get a warrent for his arrest though, thanks to his technology. Dureing his years of theivery he was able to learn a second language known as Drow which he uses frequently just to confuse others.
LikesMakeing friends, sparring, certain Food and stealing.
DislikesBeing caught, sometimes.
LocationHis hideout in the abandoned theater of Darleno city
Additional InfoHis extra set of clothes are a pair of black and white sneakers brown Khaki pants a black t-shirt with a red and yellow flame design on it along with a pair of fngerless gloves and a bandanna the accesory that goes with it is a pair of shades. Also wears a long silk coat that has places to keep his weapons on the inside of it.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYour jokeing right? No i'm serious that is the best treasure of all. Sounds like a corny line from a tv special. Um, pretty much yeah.