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Vital Statistics!

Character NameOutland Limit
Weight275 lbs.
SummaryHis name is really just the remains of a previous job title. This large hare looks as if he's had an active and rather risky life. What brought him to the slave pens is as good a question as any. One tight blue shirt and a ragged pair of pants are all that cover this hulk of a creature. It's easy to tell that the fabric is working its best to restrain his muscles. In some areas the fabric has split and tufts of blue fur poke out from between the frayed strands. Otherwise, whenever he moves the flow of his muscles can be seen underneath the thin cloth. It's really a miracle his clothes have lasted so long.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue.
Hair ColourBlue.
Eye ColourOrange.
ClothingTight blue shirt, tight khaki pants.
AccessoriesA thin, white string around his neck conceals a necklace, the pendant of which rests beneath his shirt.
Outstanding FeaturesBranding marks on arms, scars.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRespect is not something he easily hands out. Without it, he's unlikely to respond well to another's humor, and certainly not to their criticisms. He is a quiet furre, and spends most of his time reminiscing about the past. Only recently has he begun to see the merit in interacting with his fellow slaves. Sex is not something that interests him. Very few things within the pens can hold his interest. He is a defender by nature, and without anything to defend he's become horribly aimless, although within the pens there would be little to focus his efforts on anyway.
BackgroundAt the time of his capture he held the position of Guardian along with a few other hares and a collection of the heartier rabbits of the Redclay Warren. Sent there on assignment, he was one of six members of the Outland Limit Patrol, or the patrol which was the first line of defense for the warren. It was during patrol that he was captured. Although he was removed from the area and sold into slavery, he has never learned whether or not the other patrol members or the citizens of the warren were sold into the same fate. The hidden nature of the place allowed him hope that, perhaps, they had never been found. In order to prevent the knowledge of the exact location of the warren from being discovered, he took to neglecting any mention of his real name due to its ties to Redclay. For three years he has been passed around the slave circuit, but with little success. The one-time rental, early on in his life as a slave, resulted in the broken neck of his master. Branded as a dangerous slave, he was shipped off to more distant and yet more depraved lands. The lack of business success has brought him here, where he has rotted in a pen without interest from potential slave owners or renters. His continued use of Outland Limit as his name is all that he still has of the hope that Redclay hasn't been discovered. But three years later, that hope is faint. Not because of his doubt that the others still have their old life, but for the fading memory of the warren as a whole.
LocationGenerally found in TSC.
OccupationThree years ago: Guardian. Present: Slave.
Additional InfoAbout me: - I am more interested in RP than in yiffing. If it comes to that (as in, if RP leads to it) I generally won't skirt the issue, but I'd much rather have an interesting character plot going on than random thrustings. - Generally speaking I don't require permission, per se, for your character to attempt to do something to mine. I would, however, like a warning for more serious offenses. This allows me to give you the potential response of my character and the repercussions. For particularly gruesome requests such as death or the nastier types of mutilation, I do not deny that I will be very, very reluctant. This does not mean that your request will be denied.