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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLoruke
SpeciesRed Fox
Height5 Foot 6 inches
WeightAround 200

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRusset fur with black tiped ears and creamy white chest fur
Hair ColourDark brown with the long bangs collected into two strands in front and a pony tail in back
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingGrey shorts and maybe a yellow shirt when modesty requires it.
AccessoriesOrange tinted sunglasses that somehow stay at the end of my muzzle and a black leather collar with a silver ball clasp and a silver pendent with my personal signature symbol on it (its the same as the on in the bottom ot the picture above).
WeaponryWell I guess really just my paws...
Outstanding FeaturesUmmm... I can't think of anything more distinguishing than being furry...

Personality & Background

PersonalityI'm real shy in... well all situations mostly because I don't have any experience with people and I never know what to say. I have tried to make friends in real life but I can never find a group that I fit in with and I usually get left out when they do stuff. Finding friends online has met with difficulties as I am stuck using a library computer until I can get a new one...
BackgroundI was born and raised in Danville, Va where the people are prejudice, racist, or jerks and one is hard pressed to find a friendly face anywhere. Danvill is what I would consider a small country town, small as in if you do anything that people don't like everyone and their mother will know about it by the next day (No I havn't told anyone I know that i'm a furry nor do I think I will in the future, if I did I would probably be pulled out of bed in the middle of the night and then hung)
LikesMusic, Cooking, Reading, Drawing... its something that I picked back up, I haven't really drawn much in years and I believe that I have lost my creativity and imagination somewhere... Right now I am mostly practicing using other peoples works (you know kinda like look, sketch, repeat). I hope to get a pic of my character done sometime soon...
DislikesPeople who assume too much, woring the lottery machine (I work at a gas station and doing thye lottery is worse than cleaning the bathrooms), people who mistreat books.
LocationDanville, Va
OccupationPart time gas station slave and College student

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteSomething small and distant broke through the cloud layer, trailing shreds of vapour. In the stratospheric calm the sounds of bickering came sharp and clear. "You said you could fly one of these things!" "No I didn't; I just said you couldn't!"

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