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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMandi
SummaryMandi is a badger, but don't let that make you think she's cranky or always in a bad mood. She's rather bright and chipper, and she won't bite you if you don't deserve it.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight grey underbelly and face, medium grey body and dark grey face-stripes, paws and back stripes.
Hair ColourBrown, boring ol' brown.
Eye ColourThey change - Greenish hazelish greyish brown.
ClothingHoodies, turtlenecks, skirts, pants... stuff like that.
AccessoriesiPod, (<3) backpack, plushies of people or things I like.
WeaponryMy claws and teeth, but I've never had to use those in a fighting type way.
Outstanding FeaturesI'm a female badger - don't see too many of those, do you? :P

Personality & Background

PersonalityBright, happy, smart, confident, artisitic, and just a little egotisical.
BackgroundI'm of French-Canadian and Irish decent.
LikesMusic, art, theatre, writing, knitting, reading, avocados, San Francisco.
DislikesNon-animal friendly stuff, Overplayed songs on the radio, not being in San Francisco
LocationCalifornia, but sadly, not my City.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I'm a Kennedy! I'm not accustomed to tradgey!" -JFK Oh, Clone High. How I love thee.

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