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This night belongs to Loco...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLoco Exsenterhund
Species(Anthro) white german shepherd
Height6 feet 8 inches to the ears
Weight220 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMainly pure white, but with grey/blue markings. The blaze on his chest spreds into an upside-down radiation symbol that wraps around his body and up to his muzzle. He has very large digitigrade paws and thick, ragged fur. His body is nicely defined with longish legs and arms.
Hair ColourJust a little longer than the rest :)
Eye ColourUltrablue, that glow when he's hunting.
ClothingA pair of blue shorts in public, but more often than not he wears black or blue thongs, or simply nothing at all.
AccessoriesMirrored sunglasses that help protect his eyes from daylight, as he never sees much of it.
WeaponryTwo silver stakes that glow ultrablue when he hunts, like his eyes. Very sharp and heavy.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutgoing and contemplative. Cannot stand by and watch injustice, and will never back down in a fight. Always up for a challenge, sometimes a bit of a showoff. Determined but easily distracted. Loves his friends and family, and will do his best to help, despite his short fuse and wicked temper. Is proudly bisexual and isn't afraid to show it.
BackgroundAlways the odd one out and always the loner, it has been this way since birth. His dad left when he was very young, and his mother has great difficulty relating to him. He left home at an early age and now travels all over in search of...something.
LikesHunting and night time. He studies wing chun kung fu and loves to run for no reason. He also seems to have a strong bond with the sky, air and the moon especially. Serious stuff aside, he does play computer games and eats WAY too much cherry bakewells and yop. Furthering his knowledge of the world and working to help people sre some of his modus operandi. Also is a bit of a poser. He also likes to wear thongs. A lot.
DislikesHe hates arguments based on opinions. Arguments like that are pointless, will never be resolved and can quickly end in violence or hurt feelings. He dislikes blonde bimbo types, liars, attention seekers, manipulators, gangs and ignorance.
LocationWay back inside the head of Stonephox :)