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Artwork copyright Ken Sample. Character copyright her player.

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePathia
SpeciesAnthropomorphic Dragon
AgeDare you to ask her.
HeightEight feet or one hundred twenty feet.
WeightDare you to ask her.
Summary Pathia smiles happily...down at you, unless you happen to be taller than her towering height. Which is at least one hundred twenty feet, perhaps a bit more, but certainly no less, her rich red and orange-highlighted form looming over her surroundings. She appears young, yet wonderfully full-bodied, tight and firm through every ample curve. To look at her, though, it is probably best to start at ground level, since most folks will be viewing her from there. Her feet are plantigrade, four-toed and delicate for her size, but with rather large sharp claws on the tips of each of her long digits. Those glossy red legs go up quite a ways, curves of tight muscle toning them nicely until you eventually come to the shorts she's wearing. They are made of some unknown material hugging tightly to her form but you can't make out and distinct features beyond this. Then, her hips begin, her body truly starting to show its voluptuous bounty as it broadens wonderfully. Is it just an optical illusion from her height, or are her hips really that wide? Extending out from a custom made whole in the shorts and downward one leg curls her long and agile tail, the sleek length of it twitching, perhaps a little nervously, before settling down and curling its pointed tip around her left foot. After those broad hips her width dives in and narrows extremely, to her tight and toned tummy. Not a micro-scale out of place. Once again, illusions and the truth linger, as in this case, what is just above distorts perception quite a bit. What is contained underneath of the top she wears, evidently made of the same material, is easily ascertained. How that top contains it you would not be able to guess, but somehow it does. From there her neck arches out, but not overly long. Her draconic face is regal, a larger grin present now and a few fangs showing around her muzzle. Long, soft ears twitch now and then, somewhat equine in looks; while from between twin arched horns her jet black mane flows off the top and back of her head down to her shoulders, the ebon tresses contrasting sharply with the red and orange of the rest of her. Despite her young and slightly shy appearance she seems quite proud of her body.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed hide, orange underbelly
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlue
Outstanding FeaturesTriple set of horns, diminishing in size.