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Image copyright Ken Sample. Character copyright her player.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSyzygy
SpeciesAnthropomorphic Water Dragon
AgeDare you to ask her.
HeightSeven feet is default.
WeightDare you to ask her.
SummaryBefore you stands Syzygy. She is somewhat tall, but probably not compared to the normal company she keeps, being about seven feet tall at the moment. She has no hair or mane, in its place she has a large fleshed frill that extends completely from the top of her head down her spine to the tip of her tail. It wiggles slowly, seemingly having a mind of its own. Her eyes are almost yellow, with a slight tint of green as well. Her elegant snout extends from her face, a slight grin can be seen. She crosses her arms, nothing adorns them and how could anything? They are partially webbed, she must be at least a part time aquatic creature. Her overly large bosom rises and falls....she must not be very hydrodynamic in the water, but glancing at her paws, they are also rather sharply claw tipped. Maybe she never has to flee quickly? They would however, seem to give her some buoyancy. She is of course wearing no clothing, why would one wear clothes in the water? Her hide is sufficient enough in almost all cases. Your gaze travels down her firm stomach and thin waist. Her hips flare out pleasantly, perfecting a nicely sculpted hourglass. She curls her long tail around her right leg, the fleshed ridge fluttering in the air. Your gaze continues on downard, over her sensually long legs, firm and quite soft with just the right build to them. They end in digitgrade paws, four large sharp claws adorning each toe. She splays them gently; they are completely webbed unlike her hands. She giggles happily, and waves to you as she finds you looking at her. Being quite young and rather rambunctious something on her body always moving, she can't stay still for very long.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSea green and grey.
Eye ColourYellow
Outstanding FeaturesLarge webby frill along her spine.