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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRheoryn
SpeciesBlack-Backed Jackal
HeightSix feet
WeightSkinny at the level only jackals can be.
SummaryFemale Mode ---> Rheoryn's ears are quite large in proportion to her body and twitch with expression. They are mostly tan with a slight mingling of black here and there. The average of her front side could be described as tan, but it starts off nearly cream colored at her face and transitions through towards tan down her body. The namesake of her species isn't quite as solidly black as one would expect. It also seems to show a heavy dose of silver, making a rather exotic contrast to the black that dominates. Her tail swishes around slowly, somewhat bushy and sports the same mixture of silver and black along its length. Her build is mostly svelte, close to a 'swimmer's build' but her body seems to have softened as of late. The soft swells of her breasts gently push out her top piece. They are by no means large, but they seem more noticeable than before. She stands on plantigrade paws and could even be considered pretty, if a bit goofy looking in her deep brown eyes and large attentive ears. Rheoryn could be a witch doctor, it's hard to say. She wears several pouches and belts in most of which seem to have an earthen smell. In fact, it may very well just be dirt. She seems to carry numerous herbs and incenses with as well. She is very nearly nude and wears nothing but a top and a simple loincloth. The loincloth drapes down to her mid-thighs and leaves her rump exposed. Despite her young seeming age, she walks with a staff, though it seems mostly for style or effect. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Male mode--------->Rheoryn, a black-backed jackal, stands a slim six foot two before you. Lengthy tan ears, with spots of black dashed about, twitch atop his head somewhat nervously. In generally he seems quite twitchy and somewhat jumpy. His coloration starts with black on his back, fading to tan for his sides and then finally a cream-like white across his front. His build is extraordinarily svelte, one might refer to it as a 'swimmer's build'. He stands on plantigrade paws and he could even be considered cute, if a bit goofy looking with his deep brown eyes. His obvious occupation may override any original opinions however. Rheoryn is a shaman. His face painted over with a fairly elaborate tattoo of sorts. The thing appears to be of a western dragon. Large fangs dip down across his muzzle, imitating as if he was actually wearing a skull. The paint isn't quite paint upon closer inspection and is likely magical in nature. He wears several pouches and belts, carrying numerous herbs and incenses with him. Dangled over his thighs are a cluster of skulls. Following the trend of his mask they seem to be small reptiles in nature. The painting over his fur may be distracting, but perhaps not the most striking part of his attire. As most of his body is painted, he seems to have chosen to wear little else. His fur keeps him warm enough and a simple loincloth draped down is all he currently wears.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourhttp://www.pathia.com/jackal2.jpg
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingAlmost Nothing
AccessoriesWalking stick
WeaponryChaos magic.
Outstanding FeaturesFacial tattoo of a serpent

Personality & Background

BackgroundOkule. Lugbara male-to-female transsexual witchdoctor.
OccupationWitch Doctor