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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCody Williams
Weight75 lbs.
SummaryIts me! Honestly to tell you, Im a walking demo geek with an ordinance shed on my back, and ammo in my satchel, carrying a pistol,

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourregular
Hair ColourLight blonde
Eye ColourLight blue
ClothingBlack T-shirt, Tan vest, White shorts up to my shins, white tennis shoes with red stripes on 'em
AccessoriesShoulder slung satchel full of pistol ammo, fingered gloves, Timex watch, belt, one wrist detonator on my left hand, and a bookbag full of explosives, MP3 player.
WeaponryPistol, bazooka, Ten frag grenades, 5 remote mines, grenade launcher, and fifteen Wile Petes
Outstanding FeaturesSmall stocky, Annoying, fast talking, really questionable, boom crazed, and lovable little oaf I am

Personality & Background

PersonalityAs all eleven year old twerps like me, I have an urge to blow things up that anger me, and I love to assualt my dad and sis mentally with their prized possesions. So I got nuttin to say about my personality anymore...
BackgroundAnnoying destructive runt of the family
LikesBlowing stuff up, Irritating my dad by blowing up his car, hidding my big sister's cell phone, manga, tv, soda, Spaghetti, blasting covenant on Halo 2
DislikesMy big sister, getting grounded (which happens all the time), running out of ammo, getting clubbed in the back by an elite, and wost of all: "Homework"!!! (Lightning crackles)
LocationMiami beach
OccupationI'm eleven years old! How can I have a job?!
Additional InfoWhat?! I've got nothing else to say so stop asking questions...

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote(is this really necessary? I thought the interview was over)