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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKarimah
SpeciesAnthropomorphic Desert Demoness (Shapeshifter)
WeightEnough To Crush Bones
SummaryKarimah is another amazingly attractive French vanilla scented well fead healthy thick and shapely Demoness who has brown long hair that falls slightly past her shoulders. A wing span that is too so enormous it can turn day literally into night and night into complete darkness. She has copper horns, Flawless extremely soft deep caramel skin that absorbs any impact as well as tan skin that covers the palms of her hands, the interior of her wings, her toned, and shapely 4 pak underbelly, the varied between Smooth and Wrinkled soles of her astronomically high arched feet with long slender toes, and the under side of her massively long snake like tail. (Updated: January 12, 2009)

Outward Appearance

Eye ColourRight Eye(Copper) Left Eye(Brass)
ClothingSuper Tight Ultra Thin Cotton Material Tan White Cloud Pattern Short Sleeved Belly Shirt Super Tight Super Short Ultra Thin Cotton Material Tan White Cloud Pattern Matching Short Shorts Matching Tan and White Leather Cloud Pattern High Heel Open Toe Shoes
AccessoriesBaby oil(All Over Body), French Vanilla Perfume, Right Ear (Copper Earring) Left Ear (Brass Earring), White Pearl Beaded Necklace, Half Copper half Brass Necklace with a Half Copper Half Brass Balance Scale Pendant, Biker Style Copper Glove On Right Hand and Brass Glove On Left Hand, Copper Bracelets On Right Wrist and Brass Bracelets On Left Wrist, Copper Ankle Bracelets On Right Ankle and Brass Ankle Bracelets On Left Ankle, Right Now I Have On Pearl Colored Nail Polish With Diamonds Shaped Like Balance Scales On Each Of My Finger And Toes Nails
WeaponryThe Body Is My Weapon
Outstanding FeaturesTwo Toned Eyes Right Eye(Copper) Left Eye(Brass), Brass Gem on her forehead that seems to be imbedded into her skin, Very Big Juicy Lips, 4 Pak Stomach, Very Big Hips As Well As A Monstrous Rear End, Big T*ts, Astronomically High Arches In Her Feet As Well As Her Long Slender Toes

Personality & Background

PersonalityA young passionate demoness who's just a all out sweet heart. Her charming personality and love of being in the company of others makes her happy. She trys her best to make sure that everyone treated fairly. Hey what can you say she's a Libra a all out peoples person
BackgroundKarimah was born on October 11th in Autumn Falls Darkstar, an urban metropolis with a heavy Halloween aspect to it. She grew up in a middle class home where she learned her morals and values as well as knowledge about the world around her. This demoness took it upon herself to follow in her cousin?s footsteps and visit other universes other than that of her own to try and understand new types of beings and pick up on vast knowledge as well. {Relations: Nefarias Cousin}
LikesLoves God, The Company Of Others, Parties, Going Out To The Mall, Having Fun
DislikesDisrespectful People, Uncleanliness, Tackiness, Laziness, Impassioned People
Location{Alternate Universe/Visits Bigfurs On Very Rare Ocasions}
OccupationRegistered Nurse
Additional InfoHas Abnormaly Powerful Stomach Acid {Elemental Type: Air}

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Hello little one" "Huh?" "What?" "Why?"

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