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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRidine Fassen
SpeciesSemtralla (alien skunk-analog)
Height5' 9" (175 cm)
Weight158 pounds (72 kg)
SummaryStanding before you at a height of five foot nine inches tall, Ridine sports a tight, lithe, somewhat muscular body, with tight, toned arms ending in delicate hands, a hard, tight tummy with a full six-pack, sculpted back, and well muscled legs. Rounded ears poke up through a shaggy mass of white unbound silky hair that tumbles down her back in a wild mane only barely kept under control. From under this mass of hair peer large blue intelligent eyes that hold a spark of innocence about them. Her large tail stands almost taller than she does, and bobbles behind her, arching up to follow the curve of her back before flopping over towards the rear at the tip.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPrimarily black with a white dorsal stripe and white ventral chest/tummy fur. All of it is shaggy and thick.
Hair Colourshaggy white silky hair that tumbles wildly down her back.
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingMost of her body is covered in a tan sleeveless, oddly padded-looking bodysuit, which bulges in the front where it contains large F-cup breasts. The suit seems to occasionally pulse or breathe out of sync with her own breathing. Close-fitting hip-high boots are worn in of a glossy, leathery, scaly green hide. This wouldn't be unusual, were it not for the fact that the boots also seem to breathe on their own, and the outer sides, where there should be zippers, has an oddly muscular seam to it. Depending from shoulder to knees across her back and split in the middle to allow for a tail is a cloak of iridescent shimmering midnight-blue scales, which when felt radiates a noticeable body heat. Where it is clasped by a tubular appendage of some sort at her throat, a single marble-sized gem-like eye can be seen, reflecting the light around it, the slit pupil occasionally sending back the odd eerie green reflection reminiscent of a cat's eye at night.
AccessoriesBy her side is a large rucksack, lightly furred, with the opening visibly like that of a fish-like mouth. The straps look oddly like nearly-boneless arms that hold the opposing paw. Within, Ridine carries various wares for sale as a representative of Semtralla Biotechnica (SemBio), as well as her chosen weapon (a Spectral Gatherer), a biotech medical kit, her genetic assaying tools, some enzymed meat balls in a fleshy wrapper as a snack, and multiple mole-flasks, living drink generators and bottles which she frequently gives out as samples of SemBio's work.
WeaponrySpectral Gatherer A vaguely pistol-shaped biological weapon which draws in ambient thermal energy and visible light, and converts it into a coherent beam of light, a.k.a. a laser. It has two power settings: normal and heavy. Normal is about as damaging as a shot from a modern 30.06 rifle and about as penetrating, heavy is almost ten times as powerful, the equivalent of a .50 BMG sniper rifle. It also has some noticeable surrounding effects including a momentary darkness in an area around the firer and a loss of heat. On light, the darkness lasts perhaps two seconds and temperature drops by 5 degrees Celsius over a 3m area, while on heavy, it tends to eat all the light for almost five seconds and eats so much heat it leaves snow falling for a short time and ices up surfaces for 10 meters around.
Special AbilitiesSkunk musk: Ridine can spray the normal stinking musk of a skunk a proportionate distance, accurately hitting targets up to thirty yards away on a calm, windless day. She does not like to do this, but it has often served her as a last-ditch defense against possible death.
Outstanding FeaturesEven her clothing is alive and made of biotech.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery pleasant, caring and sweet most of the time, with a youthful innocence. Despite this, Ridine is a Trader of her folk, and a representative of Semtralla Biotechnica, and thus she is always looking to make a business deal. Sometimes this creeps into her normal actions if she sees something she thinks is worth it.
BackgroundRidine has never spoken much of her childhood, but she admits that she has been a Trader for three years now, and has seen no small number of worlds. She has openly said she has currently, thanks to her successes, managed to climb fairly high up the corporate ladder, though exactly where this places her she has never elaborated upon.
LikesBiotechnology and unique biota. Any and all showings of unique powers and abilities.
Dislikes"Dead-tech", most technology not utilizing life as its' primary form. She's just this side shy of untrusting of it, unlike most Semtralla, who are nearly phobic about it, considering it to be like drinking from a corpse's mouth and other similar things most folk would find hideous or gross.
LocationTraveling in her sentient tradeship, Ship, she may literally be almost anywhere, show up in any situation...
OccupationRidine is a tradeswoman for Semtralla Biotechnica, or SemBio. She travels the stars trading genetically engineered biotech products and services in return for unique genetic codes she may be able to use for selling stock elsewhere.
Additional InfoIMPORTANT: Ridine is a CHARACTER, not ME! She is meant for roleplaying. Do NOT assume just because Ridine acts in some way when playing IN CHARACTER that I, the player, IRL, believe or feel the same! For many folk this is hard to grasp, so I will state it AGAIN: Ridine is a CHARACTER, not ME! Note also that often, in a room that is mostly OOC, I will USUALLY be OOC. If in doubt, ASK!!!
Hopefully this will sink in. Thank you.