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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJayne
Height167ft usually (50.02m), 5ft 8in (172cm)
Weight1035477 Kilograms (most often lighter due to squarecube law circumventing skills)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPinkish-purple mostly, covering over her ears and tail. Her skin is a normal skin-toned colour.
Hair ColourBlue hair, longish, usually worn in a ponytail, if not, it drapes down to her shoulder blades
Eye ColourObsidian, green-tinged pupils in human-like eyes
Clothingusually a white tee and long blue jeans, she goes around barefoot, her tail swishing freely from a custom hole at the back of her jeans
AccessoriesA red or black hair band, depending on her whims.
WeaponryNone too visible, her size itself should prove something formidable, along with retractable finger and toe claws.
Special AbilitiesPsychic type
Outstanding FeaturesAs a demi espeon person, she's still quite human-ish, save for the characteristic ears and tails, and outlandish hair and eye colours. As an espeon, she draws her abilities from the sun, and may revert to a non-anthro full espeon form depending on the level of sunlight.

Personality & Background

BackgroundJayne is an espeon person, the pokemon, psychic evolution of Eevee. She wasn't born a macro, her size more of a preference she adopted in her late teens, under the influence of an evil, evil natural process known as puberty.
LikesHanging out with friends, enjoying company, stress-free environments, teasing.
DislikesExams, deadlines to keep, people who expect to be the center of everything excessively.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"The girl was the only one in the world. That made her the god of that world."

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