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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDenim F Tiger
SpeciesPanthera tigris (corvus) sumatrae - Sumatran tiger with raven wings
Weight70 kgs
SummaryDenim F. Tiger is an enigmatic feline, often considered complex by more people than himself. His name stems from a birth defect, bright, blue stripes instead of black that have slowly turned darker in his 21 years. Largely unconcerned with his attire, Denim wears whatever he's comfortable with, usually ripped, tagged jeans and a little t-shirt. His backpack is like a blackhole, filled with assorted junk and random nifty items. Most days see the unusual cat dragging his heels in quick succession, earphones in an turned up, head hung low, completely oblivious to his surroundings as if lost deep in thought.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPatchy dark orange, deep blue stripes, blue/black wings.
Hair ColourBlack, but it changes a lot. He likes red...
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingWhatever :p
AccessoriesA shark tooth necklace, black leather bracer, earring with little spikes.
WeaponryPeanut butter...
Outstanding FeaturesProminent, single, bold stripe across the nose. "Dopey, cow eyes" (that's what I'm told) and a cigarette hanging from his lip.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMoody. Blunt. Denim's disposition isn't as stable as he'd like, it can switch between extremes in a heartbeat. He's open, honest and loyal and values these things in others. Patient, helpful (tries at least) and... Odd.
BackgroundDenim's life has been something of stagnant rollercoaster, frozen at the point of both anticipation and that odd, unease in your stomach. He's unsure of his roots and so his personal identity is important to him, since he's never had to chance to plant himself firmly.
LikesArt, film, music, dancing, philosophy, religious research (long story, but I'm an atheist), cars, sleeping, long walks... And stuff.
DislikesHonest politicians? Identity whores (ask if you would like this one explained), Tom Green, vegetables... Other stuff, but not the same stuff mentioned above :p
LocationSouth Africa. A little bit here, chunks over there, partially somewhere random aaand... Now he lives in Centurion.
OccupationDenim is an artist... At least that's what people tell him. He makes pictures, being something of a practical aesthete. He'd love to own his own freelance design studio or work for Porsche.
Additional InfoThe wings are an interesting topic. Denim's always felt stuck in limbo, knowing he can be better, but never seeming to gain any ground. When he turned 19 he woke up with wings, after a while tried to fly, but failed and fell... Now they're a heavy burden that he carries, unsure of how to get them working.

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