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Vital Statistics!

Character NameEnderin Hiroma
SpeciesFennec Fox Demon
Height7' 11

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark brown along his back. Cream white fur along his abdomen and black on the tips of his ears on his forarms and shins
Hair ColourDark red and shaggy at mid-length.
Eye ColourA deep gold with red pupils.
ClothingHe wears a Blue and gold tunic with a tiger and eagle etched on the back and a pair of black oriental gi Pants with a dragonic design in yellow. Around his waist a Dark blue Gi belt and around his hands are white cloth wrapped to halfway on his forearms to look like fingerless gloves.
AccessoriesHe keeps with him a small backpack filled with the tools of his trade and a medikit for emergencies. Also has a quiver of arrows.
WeaponryAn Artisians hammer an iron rod bow staff. Also two Daggers endowed with his demonic influence. At his right side is a square case filled with Kunai knives around his abdomen is a large chain he uses with his kunai at times. At his left side is a crossbow.
Outstanding FeaturesThe scar that goes down his face diagnolly from above his right eye to just below his left.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is a nice fur though, he likes solitude he does enjoy company and can be quite serious and at times even funny when he wants to be. But he is also known to be quite mischeivous and a trouble to deal with. He is also quite evil.
BackgroundA a very young age he lost his parents to a monk who sealed them up within a stone idol which said monk carries with him he grew up useing his arts with fire to make weapons and other steel items, hunting when he had to and selling his goods in a nearby town. He lives now deep within a forrest usually with a bonfire going he actually going as far as to sleep within the fire itself he has tricked many a person and fur alike though he at times missuses his power and has gone so far as to kill with his power.
LikesGood buisiness, sparring, makeing friends and has a fondness for fire.
DislikesNo buisiness. Monks, Clerics or people of that nature. (He has nothing agaisnt them personally except for the monks.)
LocationTiern Forest outside of Valenia which is a very large town' yet not large enough to be called a city.
Additional InfoHe can posses others and steal souls like a normal Demon and being a fennec alows him to hear just about the smallest sounds he can control any elements that might be around him. He also has special Tokens of certain types such as elemental,knowledge and spirit.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIt is only normal for a person to fear the unknown, to fear the shadows. But if he fears the light he is only fooling himself.