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Vital Statistics!

Character NameIcyfox
SpeciesArctic Fox
Height5'11, but 6'2 with his boots.
WeightDepends on what I wear.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack fur all over save his strand of silver hair. His black fur changes when he's around snow covered land.
Hair ColourBlack with a single streak of silver hair that hangs infront of his eyes.
Eye ColourBluish Green
ClothingDark blue shirt, black pants that go with a pair of steel-toed black boots, and a black over shirt.
AccessoriesA silver earring on each of his ears.
WeaponryA strange looking staff on his back that can just about turn into anything, but he get's tired a bit after using it for a while. Can also shrink to smaller sizes if needed. Now can make snowcones for all furs! (Mirage helped with this new power!) Also has a cam that can take very good pictures! You think it's not a weapon? BLACKMAIL!
Outstanding FeaturesHis silver Streak of hair.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA nice easy going fox that loves meeting new faces no matter how tall or short they are. LOVES to be a joker, but stays away from being mean to others unless you piss him off.
BackgroundA fox that has been a loner just about all his life, but is now wanting to meet new people, furs, scales or whatever! Had some tough times on him, but always try to find logic to help him out of these things.
LikesWriting, biking, hanging out, doing pranks, reading, and just having a blast! BIG FAN of Ghostbusters, and loves anything to do with them.
DislikesJerks, lurks and burts! (I just hate mean people that's about it...)
LocationA small town that got boring, so he went around to go and see the world of furs and others.
OccupationBeing the plaything for other furs and scales.
Additional InfoJust hoping to have a good time and to help out others that need helping!

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"We can dance! We can dance! Everybody's taking a chaaaance!"