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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKobi LaCroix
SpeciesNorth American Red Fox
AgeAbout 5000-6000 years
SummaryKobi is a non-denominational Christian hippie, usually very quiet but friendly and hospitable to almost anyone who says hello. If you see him, don't hesitate to greet him, as he moves very quickly and silently. Physically, he's a polymorphic "lavafox", meaning his body is filled with a lava-like substance which enables him to heat up his body to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, regenerate or grow extra limbs, and even replicate himself.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCobalt blue with red-orange spots
Hair ColourLong, wavy black hair
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingTypical hippie garb. A few beaded and hemp neclaces and bracelets, wide-legged faded jeans, rings on his fingers and maybe a couple of toe rings.
AccessoriesA small binder containing a sketchbook and a few art supplies, and a bottle of green tea.
WeaponryOnly what he was born with.
Outstanding FeaturesSix digits on each forepaw, goatee, eyebrow ring over right eye

Personality & Background

PersonalityNormally peaceful, patient, quiet, likes to spend his time lounging around and drawing or playing guitar. Never confrontational, preferring to use humor instead of threats. Normally aloof but can be very affectionate once you have earned his trust.
BackgroundThe story: About 6,000 years ago, there was a man who loved to take long hikes through the forest, and had grown fond of the animals, plants, and other forms of life that lived there. Towering above this forest was a volcano which was commonly considered dormant by the people who lived nearby. However, on one of his hikes, the man sensed danger, and ran into the village to warn the people that the volcano was set to erupt at any minute. The people laughed at him and turned back to whatever they were doing. So the man gave up on the people and ran into the forest to warn the animals. The animals listened, and began preparing to flee the forest. Suddenly, the volcano erupted, sending a frightening wave of hot lava barreling towards the forest. The animals fled in a frenzy, and luckily, most escaped. However, as the man looked around to see if all the animals had escaped safely, he noticed a fox lying on the ground with both of its hind legs broken, unable to move. As the man approached the fox, the fox panicked and screamed wildly, but the man insisted on carrying him out to safety. He managed to calm the frightened fox and carried him away in his arms. Unfortunately, the lava flow was too quick for them, and they were both engulfed and killed instantly. The story goes that the village was destroyed, along with the people who ignored the man's warning. The animals survived, though, and when the disaster was over, they returned to the woods to mourn the man who had saved their lives. The man's body was found lying on the ground, badly burned, still clutching the fox in his arms. Suddenly, out of the volcano, there appeared something that looked like an angel or a ghost. It descended upon the bodies of the man and the fox, and the animals watched as the two bodies began to glow a brilliant red, and were merged into the form of a deep blue-furred anthropomorphic fox. The fox continued to glow brightly as a stream of what appeared to be lava flowed over its back, seeping into its fur. The "lava" created a pattern of bright vermillion spots, running over the back of his head, shoulders, back, and tail. The spirit then lifted the fox onto his hind feet, and he opened his eyes slowly. This is the story of Kobi's origin. His dark blue fur represents the sadness and pain in the world caused by such things as loss, hatred, and ignorance. The red spots represent hope, love, and rebirth, lying beneath the surface of sadness. Since his "birth", his purpose in life has been to protect the earth, spread love and peace, and care for all living things. He still lives in the forest, in a hidden cave, where he continues writing hippie rubbish like this. :P
LikesProgressive rock, spicy food, the number 0, the moon, black comedy
DislikesFacism, infomercials, cold weather, Santa Claus, grapefruit, suburbia
LocationVarious parts of North America
OccupationFreelance musician

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"If you're flammable and have legs, you're never blocking a fire exit."?Mitch Hedberg

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