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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKlyopatra
Height5'9 (macro 180ft)
WeightI'll stomp on ya...and you'll find out quickly
SummaryStanding 5'9" tall, Klyopatra has an athletic but curvy and sexy body. She is a Puma with tanned fur and white fur underbelly and white fur around her eyes while her tail and feet are solid black and her hands have black palms. Even though she is curvy her body is hard and muscular though with measurements of 36D-23-33 not many people notice her muscules unless she uses them against someone or flexes just to show off. As Lindsey walks she sways her hips in time with her tail, a hold over from her interests in dancing, specifically belly dancing, and in stripping. Framing Lindseys face she has long black hair that reaches down to her shoulder blades with two short braids resting against both her temples and help together with hot pink and purple beads. She wears a pair of black Morpheus style glasses, the glasses resting near the end of her nose so her angel blue eyes may be seen over the rims. Inside her mouth her tongue is peirced with a barbel tongue stud. Hugging her large and well rounded breasts is a short, black t-shirt that just hints at her cleavage and which reads "Kiss This" in hot pink lettering. Her shirt stops well above her well toned four pack stomach. Around her neck rests a silver beaded necklace with a purple amethyst cross the crystal resting between her breasts. Also hanging around her neck is a pair of white earphones with the cord running down into her shirt and out the bottom to the MP3 player in her back left pocket. On both her arms she wears rainbow colored arm warmers that begin at her knuckles and end just below her elbows. On her right arm above her elbow she wears a black leather armband with "SlipKnot" in red lettering.While resting low on her hips are a pair of black baggie jeans with the straps of her white thong easily visible above the waist of her jeans. Helping her jeans hug her hips is a black leather belt with a silver buckle shaped like the American flag. With the jeans ending at her ankles her shoes are easily seen. Her black skater shoes have white heels and toes as well as white laces.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourtanned coat white under belly and white around her eyes black ears black long tail black paws and foot paws
Hair Colourblack hair past her shoulders
Eye Colourangel blue
Clothingread da description you'll find it...
WeaponryMy feet
Outstanding Featuresblack fur ears and black paws and foot paws and long black tail

Personality & Background

PersonalityFun loving
LikesStripping, dancing and having a fun times
DislikesJerks, work
LocationBigFurs chat soon mucks

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDo da Hussle!!

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