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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHikara
Age25 living, 600 not

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHikara's dirty grey fur covers his bone-thin body. Hikara's body is still well preserved. He has all of limbs in-tact and in decent condition, despite having been wasting away for centuries.
Hair ColourHikara's white hair is thin and brittle. It falls halfway down his neck. There's bits of sticks and mud scattered in it too.
Eye ColourDry and dingy. Color still shows in his pupils, to show that there's still a soul there.
ClothingTattered medieval garb. He wears a pair of burlap slacks, leather boots, and a leather vest. he wears no shirt.
AccessoriesHikara was buried with a necklace his wife had made for him so long ago. He keeps it to remind him of the good times he had, and will have in his own way.
WeaponryHe smells like death. o_O
Outstanding FeaturesHikara is dead. How much more distinguished can you get?

Personality & Background

PersonalityDespite being a member of the undead, Hikara is a gentle man. Given that he was not ressurected with malicious intent, he was given no purpose. By a miraculous stroke, he turned towards what he was before he died, a kind and gentle man, if a bit naieve.
BackgroundHikara was born in 1422 to a couple in then Camelot. He was murdered at the age of 25 by a psychopathic woodsman. Hundreds of years later, Hikara's corpse was ressurected in the light of a full moon by a drunkard of a novice necromancer. The magician ordered hikara to sit in a tree and pretend to be a bird's nest. From there, the zombie watched the mage to wander into a nearby farm and climb into a combine harvester, where he soon died gruesomely. With no master, Hikara decided to master himself, as he should. He wanders around alone, just enjoying afterlife. He met up with a lapine named Twilight who befriended him quite instantly. She helped him in a big way, not only by being his friend, but magically preserving his body, so that he wouldn't rot away.
LocationRoaming, though likes to be near Twilight.
Additional InfoHikara cannot speak. His vocal cords were rotted severely. Twilight's magic only stopped the decay in him. Some things it couldn't repair fully. He can make a few gutteral sounds, or whine. He relies on a very unique technique that he was born with. He has very weak telepathy. He can communicate his thoughts into another's mind, but he cannot recieve anyone else's thoughts by himself.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDo not rape the zombie. He doesn