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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTrick
SpeciesRed Fox anthro
Height4 feet (1.22 meters)
Weight45 pounds (20.41 kilograms)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRusset
Hair ColourNegligible.
Eye ColourBrown. Traditional vulpine vision : that is to say, color blind, with a poor eye for details but quite good at seeing movement.
ClothingSimple red cotton hand-made shirt, black hand-made pants.
WeaponryStealth, cunning, speed, teeth, claws, and a ten inch dagger for self defense.
Outstanding FeaturesSoft fur.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTrick is extremely distrustful and wary of humans, and consequently, human-like creatures. She is relatively simple-minded, and has much difficulty focussing on intangible objects, or those beyond her immediate surroundings. She is exceedingly patient and has been known to stalk merchants for days in order to steal something that caught her eye.
BackgroundShe was born in a small roving band of wandering vulpine like herself, her family being only one of a half dozen. It was not long before her innate sneaking ability gave her the advantage over her siblings in play, and her parents helped by nurturing her gift. Unfortunately, with so many in one group, hunters eventually caught up to them. Their nomadic nature did not help, and late one night, they attacked, with dogs and swords, darts and arrows. By now, Trick was a young adult. Unfortunately, this meant that not only was she smart enough to use her gift of stealth to hide, but she could also understand what was going on in front of her. She was the only survivor. She fled into the woods as soon as she had a chance, running until she could run no longer. Sneaking through the forest, fearful for her life, she spent the next week avoiding anything that moved. Finally, she worked up the nerve to approach furry travellers. She was still wild, though she was quick to pick up the mannerisms and speech of those that befriended her. She soon began to use her sneaking ability to steal away from others what she wanted, without them knowing. Born with no name, her friends christened her 'Trick' for her actions. However, even with friends it was not long before she felt the pull of the wild... and the ire of some for her thieving ways, and she was off on her own again.
LikesStealing things, food, cuddling with those she trusts, the companionship of other foxes.
DislikesIC : Magic, humans, being hunted by hunters. OOC : Face-icons in IC situations, puns, transformation, mega-macros (250 feet plus), pointless poking, the Democratic Party.
LocationAnywhere she wants.
OccupationThief and drifter. Being a simple fox, she has little use for money itself, though she often takes it when it is available. Generally she is most interested in things of immediate value, such as clothes, food, weaponry, and the like. She has a poor concept of 'value', though, and consequently will often trade something valuable yet impractical, for something that is non-valuable but practical.
Additional InfoTrick was born wild and lived so for much of her life. Consequently, she often acts more animalistic than civilized and refined. She has a poor grasp of the English language, having had no use for it growing up. She also tends to speak English the way she would typical vulpine, using double words for emphasis instead of inflection. She trusts very few, yet the ones she does trust, she values very much.

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