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Okay.... Lets go...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSeargant. Kent Leffari
SummaryRecently an instructor for S.K.U.L.L. Demonic Battalions. After the first corporate invasion, Kent left S.K.U.L.L. because they were losing liberty. Has a good past. He was most suprised when he met Sylvester once again. Two old friends together again! BEER ALL AROUND!!!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight grayish orange
Hair ColourBlack with grey side burns, (grandpa look)
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingDark greyish battle vest and Cargo pants, combat boots, Blackish skin tight sweat shirt up to his elbows
AccessoriesBlack gloves, pipe
WeaponryDual modified blaster handguns.
Outstanding FeaturesSmall scar on his nose, fit and healthy, but short legs

Personality & Background

PersonalityGood heart, mild mannered, giving, good sport, one hell of a shot
BackgroundS.K.U.L.L. Demonic Battalion Instructor
LikesThe old days before the war, Liqour, beer (same thing...), get in touch with some new girls (even though they turn him down), keeping his sideburns down and straight.
DislikesS.K.U.L.L., Carrots, people calling him old, Sylvester making biiiig messes in front of him, "ketchup"
LocationTraveling on the starship Elliona
OccupationImperium rebel, Field seargant
Additional InfoAlways wanting to go back to his childhood and undo his godlly embarassing mistake at his Highschool dance. If you have any comments, please feel free to contact me. Im always online

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteHuh....