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Ever found yourself chatting in IRC and suddenly realised you haven't the foggiest what it is your talking to? FurBase could have the answer! Hopefully :P This little database of character profiles should help you out if you ever find yourself stuck in that oh so familiar situation.

Of course, FurBase is only any use if all you players & characters out there put info into it first! Even if it starts with only the basics like gender, height and species, full character profiles can be updated later :) If you haven't already, Register Now and add your characters into the database!

As for the rest of you, come take a look! Just enter a nick to lookup details on the character :)

You may have noticed that FurBase looks a little different... Remember that overhaul that was mentiond oh so long ago? Unfortunately, this isn't it. However! the entire back end has been cleaned up and its a lot easier to manage with a few changes up front which should improve things all round! If you have any comments or suggestions, use the BigFurs forums here to leave me a note! Enjoy

Heartfelt thanks to Tavis for his proof reading... gah!
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